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An Irish Pub That Hitches to Your Car

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No, the self-driving car is not a thing yet.

But the Irish bar on wheels is.

Top o’ The Shebeen to you. The Shebeen? It’s a charming Gaelic drinking establishment that happens to be a mobile trailer instead of a building for reasons too wonderful to question, and it’s available now. (You need this slideshow in your life.)

Maybe you spent a long-lost month quaffing about County Cork. Maybe you’ve just seen Darby O’Gill and the Little People recently. Either way, you’re familiar with the fabled Irish pub.

And this is just that. You’ve got three models, all of which are made to order in Ireland (their price tags can best be described as “Bono-level”). And all of which come with a bar counter, tables, draft lines, antique mirrors and a working vintage cash register.

Imagine these wondrous scenarios:

You’re camping in the Maine wilderness.
And there’s not a bar for miles. Except yours, of course.

There’s a Fourth of July barbecue.
But someone forgot all the beer. You leave. Only to return driving a fully stocked pub. Cue fireworks.

You want a beer.
But not in the kitchen. No, you want it outside in your personal Irish pub.

“Personal Irish pub” is a thing you say now.

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