Tanner Smith’s

The Smith’s

A Massive House of Cocktails in Midtown

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“Oh, the places you’ll go!”
—Dr. Seuss

“... tonight are huge and filled with barrels of booze.”

That could be about Tanner Smith’s, a king-size Midtown cocktail bar with two floors, an old-timey vibe and a lot of teapots. It’s open now right next to the Dream Midtown.

You’ll walk in here and think to yourself, “This reminds me of a Midtowned Dead Rabbit.” Bingo. You’ll say this aloud to the colleagues you’ve brought with you, and they’ll nod in agreement.

You’ve entered at street level this first time. You’ve got on draft a Knee Deep triple IPA that’s tough to find elsewhere in the city, and you’ve got chicken fingers stuffed with peppers and onions. Not bad, right?

Wrong. Well... right, but keep digging.

You peek downstairs and see what the place is really all about—creative ways to serve you mixed alcohols while you sit in church pews. Creativities include Negroni and Manhattan variations that’ve been barrel-aged, then bottled, then smoked. Or gin cocktails served in teapots with teacups for the whole table.

And no, we will not call you the Earl of Gin.

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