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To Shell and Back

An Oyster-Obsessed Nook in the Mission

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Terrible news.

You fell just shy of your weekly oyster quota.

Never again...

There’s a new oyster spot called Ichi Kakiya opening next week in the Mission—and yes, it’s from the Ichi Sushi + Ni empire. Here’s what it looks like. Pretty inviting.

It’s Friday, so we’re just going to start listing fun facts:

“Kakiya” is Japanese for “oyster shop.”
This one’s going to have a rotating selection of about five oyster options—some local, some from Japan.

The Ichi team doesn’t like repeating themselves.
This one’s across the street from their sushi place, but here it’s all about white stools, light woods, Japanese potato salad, steamed shrimp, rivulets of sake. And oysters. You got that part.

The space is... intimate.
Half the size of the other Ichi location now. So, yeah, that’s 21 whole seats, max. And they don’t take reservations.

So about that wait.
You’ll either want to be sure you arrive ready to hash out intricate Mad Men final-season theories with someone you know you really like... or use the time to figure out whether another date is in the cards.

Important research either way.


Ichi Kakiya
3369 Mission St
(at Godeus)
San Francisco, CA, 94110


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