Putt Putt Park

Full of Holes

A Miniaturized Golfing Course at Hudson New York

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When your feet hit the ground for the first time this morning, Ra’s light shining upon you and coffee a pleasant inevitability, if you thought to yourself, “It’s been a while since I went miniature golfing. Do they even have that in Manhattan?”... you woke up at the start of a real red-letter day.

Because here’s Putt Putt Park. We’ll leave its function to your keen powers of deduction. It’s opening Friday through the end of the month in the courtyard at Hudson New York (you probably call it the Hudson hotel).

You’ve got nine holes to get through here. Windmill: yes. Twisty-ramp thing you have to putt really hard into: you know it. Giant projector for viewing the Masters: affirmative.

And since we’re pretty sure mini-golf was created explicitly for the purpose of charming, occasionally infuriating dates, bring one of those. Partake in the local 19th-hole option (10th hole, in this case), which takes the form of a stand for bourbon cocktails and the Augusta town food, pimento grilled cheese.

The Jesper Parnevik of the grilled cheese world.


Putt Putt Park
at Hudson New York
356 W 58th St
(near 9th)
New York, NY, 10019


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