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A Comfort Food Behemoth Comes to Caesars

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Has a nice ring to it.


Tag and post Searsucker Las Vegas, a new haven of cheddar puffers and late-night foie waffles, now open in Caesars Palace. (Here’s your slideshow and here’s your menu.)

This is from Brian Malarkey of Top Chef fame. He thought it was high time the Strip had some comfort food to call its own, so he created the kind of roadside diner John Wayne might’ve moseyed up to. Rustic wood and marble tables, neon “Eat” signs on the walls and coarse rope chandeliers hanging overhead.

Not a bad spot to convene with a group of friends to partake in duck-fat fries and cheddar puffers... to start.

And if you had to pick something to go with cheddar puffers, sure—apple-cinnamon bourbon with lime and ginger beer. You’ll call it by its given name, the Coyote.

For dinner, you’ll move on to something substantial. Ribeye, pork butt, wild-boar-bacon waffles and the like. In case you missed that: wild-boar-bacon waffles.

Something to keep in your back pocket: their late-night menu. There you’ll find a foie-gras-topped version of their waffles until 2:30am.

Waffles aren’t bound to things like time.

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