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A Mexican Burger Joint in Downtown

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Last time you ate a Punta Cabras taco, you couldn’t help but wonder what these guys might do with a burger.

And now they couldn’t help but respond with bacon-tomatillo-jam-topped double burgers.

Solid response.

And... action at Hamburguesas Punta Cabras, a small stronghold of classic burgers topped with Mexican goodness like bacon tomatillo jam and green curry guacamole, now open in Downtown. (See the slideshow.)

It’s a simple spot. The outside involves a wooden table and a living wall of moss and succulents. But inside is a more old-school, East LA–esque taqueria-looking place, just a metal counter and a few stools. Translation: you’re here for the burgers.

You’re here to pop in for lunch and find yourself with a hulking beef or turkey burger in your hand, oozing Mexican Thousand Island, green onion and cactus-molcajete salsa. Or to make a postgame stop on the way home from Dodger Stadium to tackle a plate of fries loaded with chorizo-cheese sauce.

It’s still postgame if you left in the seventh inning.


Hamburguesas Punta Cabras
633 S Spring St
Los Angeles, CA, 90014


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