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Break It till You Make It

This Brewery Is in a Real Live Woodshop

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Beer and power saws.

People said they were just no good for each other.

Silly, small-minded people.

But Breakroom Brewery, the only brewpub we know of that’s located under the same roof as an honest-to-Ron-Swanson, fully operational woodshop, opens today in Old Irving Park. (Look, it’s the slideshow and the menu.)

At first glance, this is fairly standard brewpub stuff—a high-beamed warehouse with chandeliers made from Journeyman Distillery whiskey barrels and tap handles that are actual woodworking tools. But look through the back windows...

Those are woodworkers plying their craft. They’re making... well, bars. As in the drinking kind. They’re kind of famous for it. And, yes, you’re literally watching the miracle of bar birth.

Oh, right. The beer. They’re starting out with five of them. A pale ale, a brown porter, a rye pale ale, an imperial IPA and an American IPA.

Also, Dirk Flanigan of The Gage fame has designed some menu craziness in the form of Dirty Nuts (mixed nuts with togarashi and paprika), crispy, IPA-brined fries and a ribeye that’s butchered with a band saw. And you’ll finish with a boilermaker, which comes in convenient panna-cotta-with-whiskey-caramel form.

You caught that band saw part, right?

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