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Just a Good Dimly Lit Date Spot in the Mission

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If you like Outerlands, you’ll—

Actually, we can assume you like Outerlands. Who doesn’t like Outerlands? What kind of atrocious person would—

Anyway, Aster exists now. It’s a dark, cozy corner spot from the owners of Alta and Plum Bar, with the former Outerlands chef in the kitchen and a borderline indecent supply of wine, and it opens tomorrow. Here’s a slideshow, and this is the menu.

Procure date. That’s the first thing you do before your visit. There’ll be a lot of those happening here amid the walnut and the louche mid-century-ness, so you probably won’t want to be the solo person in the corner here, drinking a cabernet and softly humming the words to “All Out of Love.” Unless that’s your thing.

And then: pig-head croquettes. Whole roasted lamb shoulder. Clinking wine glasses. Swirling reds. The wine list is extensive here, lots of offerings by the glass, from the reasonable to the... $42 glasses of vintage Burgundies.

Oh, and no tip for the waiter. See, this is one of those places that builds the gratuity into the bill.

Thereby removing the perils of post-wine math.

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