Reverb Kitchen & Bar

Reverb Agreement

Goodbye, Verbena. Hello, Reverb.

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Sometimes you’re getting along fine, nobody’s doing anything wrong. But it’s just not working.

It’s time to call it.

Call it Reverb Kitchen & Bar—the thing that happens when you unplug Verbena and turn it into something less stuffy and more burger-friendly. It’s open now.

Here’s the new menu, here’s the slideshow, and here’s what’s changed versus what hasn’t:

Then: Exposed brick. Gleaming lights. Kind of dark. It looked good. But it just got to feeling a little off. Like it was wearing someone else’s tux.
Now: It’s not suddenly a ’70s disco or anything. You’ll recognize it. But the back wall’s cream-colored, with this pine-and-redwood-and-LED reverberation thing happening outward from the corner. Shakes the place up a little.

Then: Let’s just say the drinks were... high-concept.
Now: Old Fashioneds. Negronis. Maybe you’ve heard of them.

Then: Lamb terrine. Quail. Carrot towers. Two plates filled up your table and three hours later you were still there with two more plates.
Now: Sourdough-gnocchi chowder, wild salmon, burger and fries. The new chef just wants you to feel comfortable.

You can do a carrot tower at home.

Or not.

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