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To BDK or Not to BDK

After-Work Drinks and Pierogies in Union Square

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“Hey, how was your weekend?”

That’s a thing people say a lot on days like today.

“Hey, how was your Thursday?”

That one’s... gaining traction.

Thanks to BDK Restaurant & Bar, the swanky new after-work spot inside Hotel Monaco. It opens, yes, Thursday. Here’s a menu and a slideshow.

A quick reference check pans out nicely:

Behind the long California granite bar, a Bourbon & Branch vet. He knows you had a long day, and is prepping one-word drinks like Lychee, made with a few more words (tea vodka, salted pistachio, coconut-lychee milk, lime).

In the kitchen, a Chicagoan with Top Chef on the résumé. You’ll allow it, because she’s thinking you might be into some housemade jerky with your drink, or ham-and-brie pop-tarts. If this is all just a prologue to dinner, then come the pierogies and the Chianti-braised pot roast.

Place looks nice. They really pulled out the classics. Lots of polished brass and copper, leather, antlers, plaid upholstery on the bar stools.

It’s there for all the usual hotel-restaurant things. You can wake up on the property and make coffee and a bacon-egg-and-cheese croissant happen. You can hole up at a corner table to hash out Q1 numbers. You can...

Delegate that last one so you don’t miss happy hour.

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