Rize and Shine

A Nice Little Spot for Thai and Sushi

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You’ll do Thai, but you really want sushi.

They’ll do sushi, but they really want Thai.


Embrace the possibilities at Rize, an agreeable new bistro that eternally solves the “Thai or sushi tonight?” question, now open in Santa Monica. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

It’s a Northern Thai place. And a sushi place. Which occasionally melds the two for quite the cooperative development in your Lincoln dating beautification project. A red-brick, dark-wood roost with two distinct bars: a five-seater where sushi is made, and an L-shaped one where sriracha-and-Singha micheladas and Cali beers come from. Glad we talked about where beers come from.

So employ those micheladas to entice your work friends through the door. Or make it a night with someone slightly famous for being indecisive. They’ll appreciate all the options like truffle albacore sushi, eight-hour tri-tip massaman curry, pork belly chiang mai noodles and larb tuna tartare. Or... they’ll become completely overwhelmed, and you’ll have to order a few things to share.

If kale is still some kind of rigid requirement for someone present, order the kale fried rice.

Yes, they’ve even got that person covered.

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