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Whiskey, Ceviche and Gun Ice on Halsted

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There comes a time when you just want to sit down for a simple drink at a simple neighborhood bar without all the hoopla.

Well, maybe a little hoopla. A little hoopla’s nice. Oh, and maybe some ahi tuna nachos. They pair so well with hoopla.

Sounds like Four Star Lounge, a not-very-pretentious/not-too-shy-on-libations kind of place that’s now soft-open in Lincoln Park.

March Madness comes to mind. Mostly because you might want to watch some of that here. The TVs are kept to a tasteful number (two), the floors are polished concrete, the bar’s mirrored finishes clock in somewhere between Versailles and vintage disco ball, and the graffiti-style art really grounds the place.

The menu’s still in soft-launch mode, but they’re doing great things with ceviches, panini and tortillas topped with seared tuna and pineapple-mango guac.

That name references the stars of the Chicago flag, and those cocktails reference everything in the city. Read: the Loop Manhattan, the Little Italy Negroni and the Viagra Triangle Martini. But we all know you’re here for the Capone, which involves rye served with a pistol-shaped ice cube.

Tommy gun ice would’ve been pushing it.

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