Things to do for March 12, 2015

The Weekender

Ramen, Tacos and a Very Strange Sleepover

Don’t quit your day weekend.

Tacos, Ceviche and One Fine Patio

Tacos, Ceviche and One Fine Patio

Here’s a new Mexican place in Fort Worth. It’s from the Revolver Taco Lounge people, so it’ll probably be good. And it’s serving birria and tacos and ceviche, plus drinkable things like beer and margaritas. Also: big patio. So... okay, you know it’ll be good.

This Is Weird

This Is Weird

Most nights, falling asleep during a musical performance is impolite. But tomorrow, it’s encouraged. So gather your sleeping bag, some blankets and a pillow, and then just kinda lie there and relax in this exhibition space as some soothing music lulls you to sleep. Like we said, weird.

A Better Way to Do St. Paddy’s

A Better Way to Do St. Paddy’s

Thousands of people will line Greenville for the parade on Saturday. Which is all the more reason for you to hang out at Community instead. They’re tapping a couple homemade Irish beers and you won’t get run over by a float. Win-win.

You’re Going to the Beach. Sort Of.

You’re Going to the Beach. Sort Of.

On Saturday, Klyde Warren Park thinks it’s a beach. Expect:

—A Coney Island setup with arcade games and mini-golf.
—An inflatable surfing simulator.
—A South Beach experience with velvet ropes and umbrella drinks.
—A pirate-themed obstacle course.

Pretending is fun.

An Unexpected Place to Eat Ramen

An Unexpected Place to Eat Ramen

Time Out Tavern: good for beer and sports. Bad for noodles. Unless you’re talking about this Saturday night. In that case, great for noodles. Because Justin Holt (Lucia) is swinging by to make you some ramen. Nice guy, that Justin Holt.

Mar 14, midnight-2am, $10 (cash only), Time Out Tavern, 5101 W Lovers Ln, 214-956-9552

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