Things to do for March 12, 2015

The Weekender

Super Bagels, Custom Kicks and Draper

Watch as the weekend emerges from hibernation...

Like a Hall of Fame of Bagels

Like a Hall of Fame of Bagels

Ivan Orkin. Danny Bowien. Missy Robbins. All these people apparently make their own special bagels now. For Black Seed. For a week at a time. Would telling you to check that out be redundant?

Through Apr 6, Black Seed, 170 Elizabeth St (between Kenmare and Spring), 212-730-1950

Saint Crispin’s Is in Town

Saint Crispin’s Is in Town

Some folks from Saint Crispin’s, who do nothing but make impeccable, made-to-measure shoes with their bare hands, are coming from Central Europe to America, and specifically to Tribeca, to measure your feet. No one knows why.

This Has to Do with Swinging

This Has to Do with Swinging

There’s a series of secret parties that occur in the UK. They’re—yeah, okay, they’re sex parties. Sex parties with “standards.” Maybe that’s offensive to you, and that’s understandable, but ours is not to judge, and we care about you, so we’re just going to leave this link down here.

Coming to Terms with Mad Men’s End

Coming to Terms with <em>Mad Men</em>’s End

In the proud history of moving images, Mad Men has created some of the better moments. And some of the more handsome offices. And Don Draper’s office, along with some original screenplay stuff, is now at the museum that’s about moving images. It’s the kind of thing museums are for.

What Else Is New
Williamsburg’s Got an Umami Burger Now

Williamsburg’s Got an Umami Burger Now

Umami Burger crossed a river and multiplied in Williamsburg. Then it created a patio for itself and made you come and eat truffle burgers and drink cocktails on that patio. It didn’t give you a choice.

Now open, Umami Burger, 158 N 4th St (at Bedford), Brooklyn, 718-907-5680

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