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Sex in Public: An UrbanDaddy Guide

If you’re attempting this daring feat, you need to know what you’re getting into. And, more importantly, where. Hence, your guide to... public relations.

The Dressing Rooms at A.P.C. NoHo

The Dressing Rooms at A.P.C. NoHo

The situation: An extremely padded, enclosed den of privacy that is seemingly soundproof.
Risks: “How are those New Standards working out for you? Um...”
Degree of difficulty: Low. No one’s really bothering you in there. Just throw your accomplice a “Honey, I need your opinion,” and you’re in the clear.

A.P.C., 49 Bond St (between Bowery and Lafayette), 212-966-0049

The Nap Room at Coco-Mat

The Nap Room at Coco-Mat

The situation: A completely private room where you’re given slippers and some time to sleep.
Risks: Pretty basic. Someone comes to bring your espresso (they do this), and your mattress-testing is deemed too thorough.
Degree of difficulty: Seemingly low. But they’ve got to be watching out for this. Right?

Coco-Mat, 49 Mercer St (between Grand and Broome), 212-431-2626

The “Real Roof” at Bar Hugo

The “Real Roof” at Bar Hugo

The situation: A roof above the rooftop bar. It’ll be open soon, but not yet. Look for a neon-lit stairway. Climb. The views are spectacular. All of them.
Risks: The rooftop’s alfresco, which isn’t always great in March.
Degree of difficulty: Medium. Just hit that stairwell without being made.

Bar Hugo, 525 Greenwich St (between Spring and Vandam), 212-608-4848

The Nook at the Shakespeare

The Nook at the Shakespeare

The situation: A private bar corner with walls on four sides, but no ceiling. Also: a sliding beer-serving door.
Risks: You knock over one of its flimsy walls. You’re overheard via the lack of ceiling.
Degree of difficulty: Tough, but not impossible.

The Hammock at Alexander Wang

The Hammock at Alexander Wang

The situation: A black hammock made of fox fur in one of the sexiest shops in SoHo.
Risks: It’s in the middle of the store. You’ll have no cover. But see: rewards.
Degree of difficulty: Bring bail money. Your glimmer of hope: it is Alexander Wang. Claim it’s performance art.

Alexander Wang, 103 Grand St (between Mercer and Green), 212-977-9683

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