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Ribeye and Scotch Under the Brentwood Stars

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About that Westsider you’re seeing next week.

Who doesn’t venture beyond the 405...

And only eats steak...

And never ingests scotch unless it’s on an insane patio with a retractable roof...

Sure, they’re high-maintenance. But sometimes they just make good sense.

Hey, it’s Baltaire, a superlative new Brentwood steakhouse serving A5 Wagyu and juleps for control freaks, now taking reservations for Monday’s opening. (See the slideshow.)

You’ve noticed that Brentwood loves its pasta. And how it’s consequently been a little light on nice-looking steakhouses clad in leather, marble and mid-century-ness from the owners of Coral Tree Café. Just a little light, is all you’re saying.

You’ll open humongous doors before rallying around a highly polished bar. One that encourages you to customize your own juleps and drink mezcal-y Blood and Sands. Then you’ll get escorted onto the ficus-tree-accessorized patio with the retractable roof. Next, people will bring you shellfish towers and steaks, or they’ll debone Dover sole beside your table.

And that patio is where you’ll stay. Because the Santa Anas are blowing on you in that way. And the baby grand inside is tinkling that way. And your date’s looking at you that way. And that single malt nightcap is...

Scotching that way.


11647 San Vicente Blvd
Los Angeles, CA, 90049


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