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Ribs, Beer and a Rooftop Field in Manchester

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You know what a hotel is.

And you know what non-American football is.

Therefore, the laws of context mean you basically know what Hotel Football is.

But for the sake of conversation, we’ll keep talking anyway. It’s the brand-new soccer-themed hotel across the street from Manchester United’s home field. It opens tomorrow.

Take a look at all the glory here. Then don’t stop reading until you know these three things.

1. The place has pedigree.
It’s the brainchild of former Man U stalwarts Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville, who will be giving postgame analysis here after each game.

2. The 12th floor is named “Heaven.”
Probably because of the panoramic views. Or because of the soccer field with a retractable roof. Or because that field doubles as a bar on game days. Or because take your pick.

3. They take their pregame food seriously.
Beer-fed beef burgers. Rack of ribs in spicy barbecue sauce. Draft beers. You’ll find all those things here at the aptly named Cafe Football.

You can call it Cafe Soccer. If you want to stand out.

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