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Sleeping with Bach and Elvis in Budapest

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Elvis Presley. Ella Fitzgerald. Sergei Rachmaninoff.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Seriously. Let us show you how not forgotten they are.

Listen closely to Aria Hotel Budapest, a 19th-century bank building turned 21st-century music hotel, taking reservations now for a March 15 opening.

Since the words “music hotel” might leave you befuddled, take a look-see at the slideshow. Yes, that’s a path of piano keys on the courtyard floor. Yes, there are separate wings dedicated to jazz, opera, classical and contemporary music. No, Scottish pirate metal didn’t make the cut.

Your room will be like a regular hotel room in that you can sleep in it. Your room will not be like a regular hotel room in that...

—It’s surrounded by double noise protection.
—You have access to an electronic music library.
—There’s an artist’s caricature imprinted on a mirror inside it. (Think Louis Armstrong playing a trumpet, Maria Callas holding her face or Frank Sinatra being Frank Sinatra.)

You should also consider exploring other things. The rooftop terrace bar. The screening room. The spa with playlists customized to your musical preference.

You prefer your massages in G minor.


Aria Hotel Budapest
Hercegprímás utca 5
Budapest H-1051


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