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A Roving Garage Crew with Blowtorches and Brioche

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A bunch of guys are heading over to your house with masks, pliers and blowtorches.

Hope you’re hungry.

Congratulations, you live in a world now boasting Fill’R Up Gastro Garage—a rowdy, mechanic-themed catering crew that lights things like cheesesteak brioche donuts on fire, now available for your next party. (See the slideshow.)

These guys set up a pretend mechanic’s workshop. Then they prepare dinner using blowtorches and nitrogen. You can see them do just that Mondays at Harvard & Stone. Or if you prefer a personal touch, hire them to come over. They’ll bring the blowtorches, goggles, welding masks and nitrogen tanks. So you don’t have to use yours.

As for what they’re making...

They’re deconstructing famous dishes into personal-size, sweet and savory brioche donut things that see a blowtorch before they get to you. For example, a lobster tail and caviar on a béarnaise-foam-filled one. And a s’mores kind. And a Philly-flavored one with torched New York strip steak and nitro aged-cheddar foam.

Sorry for just saying “nitro aged-cheddar foam.”

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