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An Embarrassment of Vintage Vinyl Riches

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Yes, we know you have a magical device in your pocket that can play any song in the known universe.

Right. Go ahead and put that away.

Because here comes Shuga Records, just a humble repository of half a million or so vintage LPs and other audio obscurities, opening Saturday in Wicker Park. (Your slideshow’s right here.)

You remember records—those old vinyl black disk things that made funny noises when cavemen put birds’ beaks on them. Well, here they’re stacked, racked and super-organized amid graffiti art and a few well-placed rock posters.

See, the proprietors have a thriving web business, but were based in Minneapolis. So they packed up their Mothers of Invention rarities and their Trampled by Turtles live albums and moved to the tropical climes of Chicago.

You’ll spend weekends here digging through crates piled high with finds like UK first pressings of “Yellow Submarine” and what-just-happened-here moments in the form of things like “Champagne and Bongos” by the Irving Fields Trio.

But everywhere in between: hard-to-find vinyl from Mos Def to a limited-edition number by Chicago metal gods Bongripper.

You know, Chicago metal gods Bongripper.


Shuga Records
1272 N Milwaukee Ave
(between Paulina and Ashland)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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