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A ’70s Late-Night Lounge Situation

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It’s Friday the 13th.

You know what that means... highballs and Galaga.

Meet The Bend Liquor Lounge, a low-key, ’70s-style drinkery that’s quite fond of classic drinks and old-school arcade gaming, soft-open now in Miami Lakes. (See the slideshow.)

This was originally a dive with a reputation. The sort that gets you busted for doling out substances of an illegal nature. Anyway, a few guys who remembered the place from its heyday swooped in and spruced it up. Classic comeback story.

The place isn’t exactly obvious, so here’s what you’ll do:

1) Look for the liquor store in a strip mall. It’s just a front... for now.
2) Walk down the side alley to the left of it until you find a door.
3) Open it.

Once inside, you’ll notice... the ’70s. Wood-paneled walls. Orange banquettes. A few arcade machines. And an all-around Kelso-friendly vibe.

So, tonight. Before the heart-shaped hoopla tomorrow. When you’re looking for a laid-back joint with great taste in music—this is it. Hunker down at the circular bar and order one of the classics on special. Like a Moscow Mule or a Dark and Stormy.

And then... some Galaga. Some conversation. Some Ms. Pac-Man if you’re feeling it.

Hey, whatever floats your power pellet.


The Bend Liquor Lounge
6844 NW 169th St
Miami Lakes, FL, 33015


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