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Pasta and Patio from the Laurel Hardware Crew

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This not just in: Laurel Hardware isn’t a hardware store.

This just in: hey, Ysabel exists—and here’s everything you need to know about the well-tailored new restaurant, now open in the old Lola’s spot from the Laurel Hardware crew. (Here’s the slideshow.)

Looks incredible in here. No false storefront this time. Just two wings of generously marbled mid-century living room surrounding a major patio situation with light-strung trees and a bunch of giant leather sofas. If you’re getting a date vibe... well, good. You still know how dates work.

So bring someone toward a bar. There are two, enough to supply everyone who might want a sous vide bourbon, Pimm’s, strawberry and Thai basil cocktail. That would be the Janninesee the menu.

Then you’ll want to be on that massive patio. A waitress with a Chanel purse will get you whatever raw salads, oysters and oxtail agnolotti you might need.

Or if you prefer doing these things with some measure of discretion, go up the majestic marble stairs in back. They lead to a sofa-covered private patio poised over the other patio.

Yes, there’s a patio hierarchy here.

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