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“Okay, great. Sounds good. See you there.”
Everyone you tell about this place

Hard to find anybody who’d say no to Stookey’s Club Moderne, a thoroughly retro bar where a white-jacketed bartender longs, nay, needs to get you a Tequila Daisy posthaste—it’s now open. (But closed Mondays.)

Here’s why you care:

It’s just... kind of great inside.
Looks like a ’30s diner, if ’30s diners had bartenders in white jackets and black bow ties. Blue walls. Green banquettes. Red cocktail tables. Lots of mirrors to pull it all together. If you and your date are having good hair days, the reflection of the evidence will just bounce all over and make everyone a little happier.

It’s got ties to Presidio Social Club.
The guy behind it is Tim Stookey, who once was at the bar there. But with a name like that, you’ve got no choice but to amble out into the universe and open a place called Stookey’s Club Moderne.

The drinks are classic like the place is classic.
Moscow Mules. Sazeracs. Aviations. Tequila Daisies (they’re like margaritas, no salt). That’s what the menu involves here. Great next move after a dinner at Sons & Daughters.

You saw the part about why “Stookey” is in the name, right?
Just making sure.

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