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A Bright, Easy Date Spot from an Ubuntu Alum

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Imagine a steakhouse.

Now imagine the opposite.

Just... try and stay with us here.

An Ubuntu alum, fettuccine and pickled fries await you.

They’re all at Al’s Place, a new restaurant with plenty of edible vegetation and vermouth cocktails (but yes, there’s meat), opening tonight. Here’s the slideshow and here’s the menu.

Aaron London. He’s the chef/owner, hailing from Ubuntu and Locanda, and he wanted a bit of an elementary-school vibe, with thick plywood tables and seafoam-green floors. Only with a healthy supply of wine, beer and vermouth.

This is the perfect spot to bring a date who’s really into sunchokes, but isn’t totally opposed to some foie gras either. Grab a window-side table overlooking Valencia and ask for a couple of vermouth-based Mr. Whites, with cava and orange bitters. And yes, all the drinks honor Reservoir Dogs here.

Then, the food. Looks sort of like vegetables, just... better. Turnip and currant soffritto with burrata, for example. Uh, haven’t made that at home in a while. The fries are pickled, and the fettuccine arrives with sunchokes, quince oil and sturgeon caviar.

Sounds like a place that wouldn’t have miso-cured pork jowl, or foie gras with quince and cacao. Well—wrong.

Feels great to acknowledge when you’re wrong.

Sometimes it feels so great to be wrong.

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