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Hemingway’s Key West, Now in Hotel Form

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Check your calendar.

Does it say “Rum Row” or “Cigar Garden” anywhere on it?


Well, sh*t. Hang on. We’ll try to fix this.


Ah, here we go. How about The Gates Hotel Key West, a new seaside retreat that aims to channel Hemingway by all means necessary, up to and including a rum bar and a cigar garden, now taking reservations for April 15 and beyond.

Come April, you’re going to want some sun in your life. Shining through floor-to-ceiling windows. Bouncing off whitewashed wooden beams. Pouring all over your face as you lounge by a pool specifically engineered to make you better at drinking rum.

Drop your bags off in your pool-facing suite. Take it in real quick. Then, say goodbye to it forever. Or at least for a few hours. You’ve got some Key West–ing to do.

Start by skipping to that poolside bar called Rum Row (you can skip here, we checked). It’s where special rum tastings and rum cocktails happen. Also, Bahamian-meets-Cuban-meets-Floridian-style tapas. You’ll like those.

From there, you can either opt for a sunset bike ride around the island or a hand-rolled Rodriguez cigar in the garden lounge.

Maybe wear an unbuttoned Havana shirt, should time allow.


The Gates Hotel Key West
3824 N Roosevelt Blvd
Key West, FL, 33040


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