Things to do for February 05, 2015

The Weekender

Dance Brunch, Rooftops and the Best Ties

Everything the light touches is the weekend’s.

This Spanish Chef Shouldn’t Be Here

This Spanish Chef Shouldn’t Be Here

A few miles outside Bilbao there’s a restaurant called Azurmendi. It’s one of the best restaurants on earth. You should immediately book a trip there. Or you should immediately make reservations for the chef’s imminent three-day Midtown stand, so you can have oyster and pigeon and whatever else he’s bringing. Totally your choice.

A Drake’s Sample Sale. Whoa.

A Drake’s Sample Sale. Whoa.

Drake’s, of the stunning ties and pocket squares Drake’s, is doing a sample sale with the Armoury starting today. If your neck could howl in desire, it’d be doing that right now.

Feb 5-8, Drake’s sample sale, 311 W Broadway (between Canal and Grand)

Naked Lunch... for Dinner

<em>Naked Lunch</em>... for Dinner

The gloriously weird and perennially intoxicated William S. Burroughs would’ve been 101 today. Naturally, then, you should drink and listen to readings and watch performances celebrating him at the Cornelia Street Café. But please, no William Tell.

Blue Smoke Got on Brunch at Last

Blue Smoke Got on Brunch at Last

Last weekend, Blue Smoke had never had brunch. This weekend, it’s like they’d had it all along. Bananas Foster oatmeal and burnt-ends brisket sandwiches with scrambled eggs included. Just let go of the past.

Sat-Sun, 10am-4pm, Blue Smoke, 255 Vesey St (between West and North End), 212-889-2005

You’ll Samba This Day

You’ll Samba This Day

You’ll be drinking brunch caipirinhas and eating bacalhau Saturday. After you learn samba, that is. Botequim’s bossa nova brunch has all that. And if caipirinhas don’t motivate your sense of rhythm, you’re a lost cause.

Feb 7, noon, Botequim, 132 4th Ave (between 12th and 13th), 212-432-1324

What Else Is New
Greek Beer Making and Party Dining

Greek Beer Making and Party Dining

If you’re very far west: Death Ave’s got Greek lamb and house-brewed beer over in far Chelsea.
If you like things in threes: The Chester has spawned a Midtown location with a bar, restaurant and rooftop on three consecutive floors. It is a magic number.

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