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A Curious New Way to Go Colombian

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Colombia has some stellar exports.

There’s the coffee you just polished off. Shakira. [REDACTED].

And this molten ball of goo you’re about to squeeze into a liquid...

Stick with us here.

It’ll all make sense at Elcielo, a curious little South American joint doing some strange and wonderful stuff with your food, soft-open now in Brickell.

This place comes from: Colombia. It’s a big deal down there. On a bunch of “best restaurant” lists, too.

You’ll use it when: you’ve got a real foodie type and three hours on your hands.

You’re here to: have your palate and mind thoroughly f**ked with.

You’ll have: 16 courses of traditional Latin American fare (think: empanadas and ropa vieja) that’ve been restructured to elicit different emotional responses when you eat them. The chef even tested out his dishes with a neuroscience outfit called Mind Code to make this happen.

You’ll drink: gratis wine. For now. Mostly because they don’t have their liquor license yet.

You’ll be playing with: goo. It’s actually one of the courses. Yes, goo. We won’t ruin the rest of the surprise.

You should: take a look at this place right over here.

Oh, and also: make some reservations. There’s only room for 56.

Fifty-seven if you count the goo.

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