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A Bowling Alley with Beers and Steak

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“Are you ready to order?”

“Sure, I’ll take the smokehouse burger, a daiquiri, a pair of size 11 shoes and, what the heck, throw in a laser gun.”

That’s a verbal preview of your evening.

We live in strange and wonderful times.

Wrap your head around Pinstack, a something-for-everyone hangout where you can eat, drink, bowl and legally shoot people with lasers, now open in Plano. (See for yourself.)

That’s... a lot to take in. So to make sense of it all, we crunched some numbers. These are those numbers.

Square feet of indoor playground you’re working with: 50,000

Bowling lanes: 28

Full-service restaurants serving better-than-your-typical-bowling-alley foodstuffs like steak frites, pork chops and truffle mac and cheese: 1 (see the menu)

Covered patios with fire pits and huge TVs: 1

Laser tag arenas for engaging in glow-in-the-dark combat: 1

Bars: 2

Beers you’ll find on tap: 24

Wines you’ll find on tap: 6

Timed LED-lit rock climbing walls: also  6

Visual representation of the correlation between drinks consumed and rock climbing prowess:

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