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A Steampunk-Looking Bar in Georgetown

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Well, that was something. The tight beginning. The heroics at the end. The lingering questions.

But enough about the Australian Open final.

Time to look ahead to the rest of your life. At least the part you’ll be spending in cool little hotel bars.

Here’s one of those: The Alex, the reimagined lounge at the Graham Georgetown, opening Friday.

This is the kind of place you go right after you utter the words “I know a place.” It’s dark. It’s downstairs. There’s a little steampunk thing going on, in the form of antique Victorian couches, the guts of an old piano on the wall and a network of brass pipes running across the ceiling. (Just look at it.)

If you’re catching up with some folks at happy hour, make for the high-top tables. They sit atop old radiators. Discuss them while you await tried-and-true drinks like the Martinez and some surprises like the house cocktail, made with cocoa-infused rye, agave, lemon and walnut bitters.

If you’re keeping things more private, head to the back, where you’ll find a love seat behind a curtain. Summon a bottle of champagne. Summon some shrimp and grits, and a charcuterie board.

Don’t talk about goal-line play calling.

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