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Liquor Jams and Spiked Tea Exist Here

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Mondays. They just call for a relaxing spot of tea and some soothing music.

Or a relaxing spot of whiskey-laced tea and some soothing Wu-Tang.

And that’s when you’ll look to Repour, a cozy evening hang with liquor-filled tea service and a healthy dose of Wu-Tang on the stereo, opening Monday at the Albion in South Beach. (See the slideshow.)

This is from Haven’s bartender extraordinaire, Isaac Grillo. The guy behind those liquid-nitro martinis you’ve sampled. Here, though, he’s taken over the old Drogerie space with something a bit more homespun. Tea. Jam. Pour-your-own drinks.

Excuse us: tea... infused with liquor. Jam... infused with liquor. Pour-your-own... beer.

Hope that clears things up.

If Cary Grant went to college, this is probably what his college basement would’ve looked like. Mismatched couches, Salvation Army tables and chairs, threadbare rugs.

Meet up with a group of friends for a casual recap of the week. Preferably over a few of those tea drinks. And when you’re ready to come up for air, the terrace outside makes for a solid spot to enjoy a shandy under some tropical shrubs and a second-floor herb garden.

Good thing mint’s been legalized.


at the Albion Hotel
1650 James Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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