Liholiho Yacht Club

How Liho Can You Go

A Bright Hawaiian-Inspired Oasis on Sutter

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Kind of great that it means both “hello” and “goodbye.”


Even better. That means five-spice pork belly, roasted octopus and Japanese whiskey.

The full name is Liholiho Yacht Club, and it’s a Hawaiian-inspired restaurant, not a yacht club, and it opens tonight.

This is coming to you from the team behind Nopa and chef Ravi Kapur of Boulevard and Prospect. And here’s the slideshow that shows you what they came up with: an airy space of brick walls and hexagonal blue and white tiles filled with light-colored pine booths and a yellow-colored open kitchen. If you’re getting tropical vibes, it’s working.

You’ll come here when you and your friends feel like going beachy. Relatively. Grab some drinks at the blackened steel bar that sits under a gorgeous black-and-white photo of Ravi’s mom. Then, make some hard decisions: playful cocktails vs. Japanese whiskey vs. about 80 different kinds of wine. Also, beer.

Once you’ve gotten that out of the way, you’ll situate yourself at one of the booths by the kitchen and watch them pump out duck liver toast with pickled pineapple, beef tongue and kimchi buns.

Please ensure they are pumping in your direction.


Liholiho Yacht Club
871 Sutter St
(near Leavenworth)
San Francisco, CA, 94109


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