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Pinstripes Sets Up Shop in Streeterville

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This weekend promises one hell of a bowl game.

This weekend also promises one hell of a bowling game.

Sometimes wordplay just all works out...

Suit up for Pinstripes, a new megaplex of bowling, bocce and pasta-twirling that opens Saturday in Streeterville. (Here’s your slideshow and here’s your menu.)

You may have heard of this place—they have a few of them dotted around the suburbs. The basic premise: restaurant meets bowling alley meets bocce thunderdome. It’s one of the better premises out there.

And it’s big. 33,000-square-feet big. To your right when you walk in: a wine cellar, a bar and a wood-fired pizza oven. And lots of fresh-cut flowers. Doesn’t really look like a bowling alley.

Fortify yourself with housemade fusilli or a filet mignon trio in the dining room. Head out to the patio afterward and sit by the fire pit. Someone will bring you a blanket and a glass of wine. It’ll be nice. Then: ah, right... the bowling and the bocce.

You’ll have access to seven bocce courts and 11 bowling lanes surrounded by leather couches and people serving you Old Fashioneds and bottles of Chimay Blue. It’s like leisuring in the basement game parlor of some North Shore mansion.

Only it’s a place called Pinstripes instead.

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