Mourad Than Words

A Sexy Moroccan Den of Lamb Shoulder and Wine

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Wherever you started your day: doesn’t matter. Plan on ending it in SoMa.

It’s a matter of life and de—

Well, no. Not that. But it is a matter of lamb shoulder and short ribs...

Take care of business at Mourad, a swanky temple of modern Moroccan fare and wine that’s open now. Here’s the menu. Here’s the slideshow. It all feels right, doesn’t it?

This Aziza spin-off has been a long time coming. Years. So take a moment and just appreciate it all: the Moroccan rugs quilted together, the blue and maroon everywhere, the semiopaque columns with lights shining through and all the bottles in that overhead wine closet... okay, moment over.

You’ll probably find yourself here to expense some dinners. Start off with a round at the L-shaped marble-topped bar next to the 10-foot, steel-encased teak tree and the exposed brick walls of the historic Pacific Telephone Building. Soon you might say, “I could really go for some duck confit basteeya.”

That’s when you’ll head to one of the plush booths along the wall and order meant-to-be-shared plates of short rib, lamb shoulder, maybe the branzino with cranberry and mussels.

Yeah, cranberry is still kicking around.

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