Things to do for January 22, 2015

The Weekender

Gratis Pie, Lots of Beer and Tecmo Super Bowl

All the world’s a weekend.

Two New Lunches for Midday Eating

Two New Lunches for Midday Eating

Your midday eating options have just increased by two, because Remedy and Oso are serving lunch now. At the former: a fish sandwich (pictured), a BLT and housemade sodas. At the latter: a lamb burger and gazpacho panzanella salad. At both: full bars. Just putting that out there.

Daily, 11am-2:30pm, Remedy, 2010b Greenville Ave, 469-294-4012; Mon-Fri, 11am-2pm, Oso Food & Wine, 11910 Preston Rd, Ste 209, 972-789-1630

A Sale on Cozy Things from Hadleigh’s

A Sale on Cozy Things from Hadleigh’s

If you’re in the market for something warm and cashmere that looks great on your upper half: Hadleigh’s. If you need a new blazer or a double-breasted peacoat: Hadleigh’s. And if you absolutely require such seasonal things at 50% to 60% off, well... it starts with an H.

Through January 31, Hadleigh’s, 74 Highland Park Village, 214-526-3777

Pie That You Don’t Have to Pay For

Pie That You Don’t Have to Pay For

So Friday... National Pie Day. That sounds like a perfectly reasonable holiday, and probably one that’s already on your calendar. But aside from your regularly scheduled activities, be sure to swing by Norma’s, because they’re doling out gratis slices of their Mile-High Cream Pie. And one doesn’t decline free pie.

Jan 23, Norma’s Café, 1123 W Davis St, 214-946-4711, and other area locations

Community Beer Company Turns Two

Community Beer Company Turns Two

If you enjoy things like special-release beers, live bands and food trucks, then you should really check out Community on Saturday. Because they’re throwing a party with all that stuff to celebrate their second birthday. And if you don’t enjoy such things, then never mind.

It’s a Tecmo Super Bowl Tournament

It’s a <em>Tecmo Super Bowl</em> Tournament

Three Links is hosting a Tecmo Super Bowl tournament Sunday. If you’re playing, try halfback sweep right. If you’re not, that’s fine. You can still hang out, drink beers and have a taco or two. There are no losers here. Unless you lose a game. In that case, yes.

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