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Lobster Thermidor and Much Champagne at Aria

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This won’t be terrible.

But wait, there’s more...

Bienvenue and all that to Bardot Brasserie, a dark and brooding Parisian-inspired hall of foie gras parfaits and roving seafood carts, now open at Aria. (Here’s the slideshow and the menu.)

Michael Mina. Heard of the guy? You’ve heard of the guy. Makes food. Tends to leave good impressions on Michelin and James Beard people. Feel free to trust in his ability to build you a traditional French brasserie named after Brigitte Bardot.

And it looks an awful lot like a film noir set—dark wood fixtures, white-tiled floors, low globe lighting and shiny brass accents. In other words, a date wouldn’t be mad at you for taking them here.

You’ll walk in and notice the bar with champagne bottles hanging from suspended gold shelves behind it. You’ll resist that temptation for now and slide into one of the marble two-tops, where Voltaire cocktails with orange vodka and baked-apple bitters will ensue.

Soon, you’ll feel ready. Ready for brandy-creamed lobster thermidor. Ready for bordelaise-sauced filet mignon and beef-fat fries washing over your table.

Ready to probably go ahead and eat those items.

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