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Five Edible Ways to Make It Through Winter

<strong>The problem:</strong> it’s been cold outside. Real cold. Canada cold. <strong>The solution if you’re a bear:</strong> hibernation. <strong>The solution if you’re a person:</strong> jars full of beef bacon, hot chocolate spiked with mezcal and these other appropriately hearty local provisions.

Hot Chocolate and Mezcal and Joy

Hot Chocolate and Mezcal and Joy

What it is: A mug filled with hot chocolate, mezcal, green Chartreuse and amaro. Also available by thermos if you ask for it. And have enough people in your party to drink a thermos full of mezcal hot chocolate.
Pairs well with: Numb hands. And seriously, some friends.

Mezcal Hot Chocolate, $9, Belly Wine Bar, 1 Kendall Sq, Cambridge, 617-494-0968

Inside this Pepper: Much Pork

Inside this Pepper: Much Pork

What it is: On the outside: an innocent-looking jalapeño pepper. On the inside: smoked pork, bacon and cream cheese. Yes, it’s what’s inside that counts.
Pairs well with: A thick slice of banana cream pie to cut the heat. And also just to have a slice of banana cream pie.

A Potato Skin Above All Others

A Potato Skin Above All Others

What it is: Just a potato skin. So long as you ignore all the beer cheese, fried oysters, serrano-pickled tomatoes and bacons on top. Yes, bacons. It’s the plural of bacon.
Pairs well with: A beer and probably another beer.

Potato Skins, $13, Bukowski Tavern, 1281 Cambridge St, Cambridge, 617-497-7077

All Jars Should Have These in Them

All Jars Should Have These in Them

What it is: Smith & Wollensky’s house-smoked beef bacon, now served in convenient glass-jar-full-of-bacon form. With blue cheese dip on the side, as you requested in your mind.
Pairs well with: Two glasses of their featured Burgundy, because then your bacon jar is on the house. Ah, the old “Featured Burgundy” loophole.

Cup O’Bacon, $12, Smith & Wollensky, 290 Congress St, 617-778-2200, and 101 Arlington St, 617-423-1112

Union Square Donuts Goes Sandwich

Union Square Donuts Goes Sandwich

What it is: Two baked squares made from donut dough and filled with various combinations of bacon, cheddar, sage, spinach, feta and red onion. Fortunately, they aren’t calling it a “Sqonut.”
Pairs well with: A nap.

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