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Ah, the art date.

Where the two of you ponder what’s before you, getting kind of adorably riled up as you articulately discuss the form, texture and intention of the meatball.

Presumably you’re in agreement that meatballs are art? Great.

This is the new incarnation of Manos Nouveau—it’s basically an art gallery in Mexican-Peruvian-French restaurant form, open now. (Here’s the menu. And the slideshow.)

This place used to be a friendly neighborhood spot in the Mission. And it’s still got that sort of vibe, only it looks a lot different. And it’s in the Castro. And it’s all tall gray walls covered in paintings with cushioned banquettes and copper-topped tables in between.

So, yeah, it’s sort of like an art date, but with a supply of biodynamic vintages from South America and the Iberian Peninsula to start at the bar—which is as shiny as a grand piano.

Eventually you’ll find your place at one of the window-side tables upstairs. It’s got a great view of 17th and the F-line trolleys. It’s also a great lookout point for the plantain-encrusted meatballs, prawns a la Riviera and Latin-style chicken cordon bleu coming for you.

They’re always coming for you.

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