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Today, we’re here to talk to you about term life insurance.


Nah, it’s about some really choice shoes.

Those of Paul Drish, a new online shoe operation that wants you to stop by their studio for a drink. And a shoe. It exists right now in Tribeca.

Go to the 11th floor. Ask for Arveena. Once you’re there, you’ll find your standard tufted-leather seating arrangement and be offered scotch.

Then you’ll exhale and just sit there, trying to remember what you were doing... Oh, right, the shoes. They’re calfskin and sheep leather and other such materials, they’re strangely light, and they include a blue suede single monk strap you should probably own.

You’ll get fitted in the studio and pick out what you want (they’ve got a burgeoning leather-bag operation, too), and, if you’re in New York, which you are, you’ll have them delivered the next day.

From here, though, we’ll just let the shoes speak for themselves...
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">Paul Drish</a>, now taking appointments, <a href= "" target="_blank">see the slideshow</a>

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