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Paul McGee Brings Tiki Back to Logan Square

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In this weather, you have three options:

1) Stay in.
2) Go drink mai tais on a tropical beach somewhere.
3) Go drink mai tais in Logan Square.

Right, so we lied. There’s only one option.

Yes, Lost Lake, the new thatch-and-rum-filled playpen from your dear friends Paul McGee and the Parson’s Chicken & Fish guys, opens tonight. (Here’s the slideshow.)

And here are the critical details:

Remember to say thank you.
Because adjacent to this spot is a three-wok-strong Chinese takeout joint called Thank You (also opening tonight). A Mott St/Ruxbin vet will be turning out things like chow-fun noodles and crushed cucumber with crispy anchovies.

You’ll be doing some Instagramming.
McGee is breaking out a couple hits, sure. No one can carve a dolphin banana like that guy. But try his new stuff, too, like the eponymous Lost Lake. It’s got rum in it. It’s also served in a glass with the recipe on the back.

Speaking of, hopefully you like rum.
Because they have 275 kinds.

And piranhas.
In addition to the fishing nets and big booths and stone-walled “Cave Room” in the back, there’s a fish tank with piranhas swimming around in it.

Pretty standard bar fish.

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