Sant Stop, Won’t Stop

Dates Under the High Line. From the Carbone Guys.

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Sorry, things that live in the Mediterranean.

But you don’t really stand a chance once people get a load of this...

It’s Santina, a date-like ode to the Italian coastline and all its seafaring nourishment from the trio responsible for Torrisi/Carbone/ZZ’s Clam Bar. It’s open now at the very foot of the High Line.

The Lobster Catalan is righteous. The crudité is extravagant. The wine is abundant. The entire place is enclosed by floor-to-ceiling glass. Julian Schnabel has a role. And it’s named after a grandmother.

To start, place yourself at the marble island bar and consume a cocktail called Bello, with rum, lime, pomelo and pepper jam. Then behold your new domain...

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