He Said, Shizen Said

A Temple of Unusual Sushi in the Mission

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You’ve had sushi at a sushi bar, of course. From a truck, sure. In a croissant, yes.

But you’ve probably never had it like this...

There’s a first time for everything at Shizen, a sushi place where the sushi has no fish, slated to open Tuesday in the Mission. (Here’s the slideshow.)

You read that right: this is vegan sushi. The chefs here use a little something called creativity and a lot of something called vegetables to make it happen. (Here’s the menu.)

It’ll all make sense once you step inside this minimalist den of wooden planks and air plants. Feels like a futuristic greenhouse. Feels like a place where a tofuna roll just kind of makes sense.

You’ll come here to score points with an herbivorous date. Grab a two-top with the tree-trunk stools or a couple of seats at the vegetable-decked sushi bar. You might start with the Candlestick roll—made with spicy tofuna, avocado and chili tobiko—or izakaya dishes like robata shishito peppers and mushrooms. They’ve got nigiri, too. Kind of. It’s okra with sweet shoyu, sake and truffle salt, or it’s a tamago made from mountain yam.

Oh, and don’t worry: they serve beer, wine and sake.

No tofu there.

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