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An Elegant Burma Superstar Spin-Off on Valencia

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Let’s see, there was the Persian Empire. The Ottoman Empire. The Roman.

Nope. Today it feels tough to call any one of them more important than the Burma Superstar Empire.

Bask in the glory of Burma Love, the sleek, orange-and-white-tiled offshoot of the Burmese restaurant empire, open now in the Mission. (See the slideshow.)

You know what to expect. Except you might not, because it’s a little more refined in here. You’ll see concrete floors, colorful scallop-shaped tiles, gray banquettes and stunning tables handmade from Southeast Asian monkeypod wood and Burmese carvings.

(Act like this part isn’t here. But you should know there’s also a bar. A fully stocked bar. It’s not quite ready for you. Sorry. There’s beer and wine now, but soon there’ll also be cocktails like the tequila-and-tamarind Momo.)

Anyway, so, yeah, you’re coming here with a group of friends who are pro-family-style. Try to nab the roomy horseshoe booth in the back (nope, no reservations here) and make way for those samusas, and duck curry, along with some pumpkin pork stew and whole fried fish with chili-garlic sauce.

The usual.


Burma Love
211 Valencia St
(at Duboce)
San Francisco, CA, 94103


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