Dawn of the Spread

A Peanut-Butter-Obsessed Lunch Spot

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Finally, the holidays are behind you.

After all the roast goose and champagne and stuff, there’s something to be said for a classic PB&J.

Or, okay, a really weird PB&J.

Sometimes you feel like SpreadPB, a cheery new sandwich spot that’s really, really into peanut butter (and... other-nut butters), opening Saturday in Studio City. (See the slideshow and the menu here.)

Sure, you could make a solid PB&J by second grade. But chances are, you never graduated to making your own peanut butters with dark chocolate and coconut. Or maple almond butter. So that’s where this place comes in.

Come lunchtime, you’ll visit this bucolic little beauty with reclaimed-wood walls covered in stencils and vintage crates holding old-fashioned sodas. Step to the counter and consider the chalkboard options—like the chicken panini with green curry peanut butter, or the bacon-y Elvis.

Or you’ll design your own. Pick the bread, then a nut butter (there’s 11, including white chocolate and blueberry) and toppings like chocolate chips, pickles and potato chips.

Yes, we’re still inside the sandwich here.

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