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Classic K-Town Burgers at the Hotel Normandie

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Go ahead.

You get to open one present early today.

Oh, you picked the double-broiled burger with a rye-and-fernet cocktail.

That’s so you.

Now enjoy Cassell’s Hamburgers, LA’s sexagenarian burger joint that’s reborn with shakes and cocktails, soft-open today at K-Town’s Hotel Normandie. (See the slideshow here, and the menu’s right this way.)

Real Nighthawks situation here. But not sad. Just a glass-sheathed corner looking like a ’50s burger joint straight out of Central Casting. All original metal signs and menus stretching over two wings of wooden countertop and white subway tile.

You can swing by the coffee station in the morning and linger over the paper and a breakfast burrito. And you can hit the bar counter for a Sidearm (rye, fernet, ginger and orange oil) or a Brass Monkey (Colt 45 with fresh-squeezed OJ) when it’s late and you’ve tired of soju.

But you’re more likely coming here for a shake with a burger or patty melt and potato salad. Former Short Order chef Christian Page is in charge of that, adhering to the original’s double broiling and house grinding. But now using all-natural Colorado beef.

For a slightly cheffier touch.

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