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There’s a New Bar Inside Whole Foods

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Hi there. It’s us. Happy holidays.

Just thought you should know about this interesting new bar that opened at the Whole Foods on Park Lane.

Seriously. Here’s proof.

Now, it’s inside a grocery store, which makes it just about the most casual bar ever. So no taking dates here. We mean it.

But it’s sporting 25 taps, including plenty of seasonal stuff and limited releases. And there’s an actual bar-food menu with fish-and-chips, hot wings, soft pretzels and other beer-drinking accompaniments. They’ve even got a couple pinball machines, which... yeah, didn’t see that coming.

Just think of the potential...

—You’re swinging by to pick up dinner: sit down and have a beer.

—You’re buying groceries for Christmas brunch: sit down and have a beer.

—You just heard someone say “Yes, but is the quinoa fair trade?”: sit down and have two beers and some cheese fries, and get a 64-ounce growler to go.

There, that’s better.


The Bar at Whole Foods
8190 Park Lane, Ste 351
Dallas, TX, 75231


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