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Lamb Chorizo and Tequila in Bunker Hill

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You’re taking full advantage of the holiday break.

Heading someplace nice and breezy. Sipping a paloma beside a giant stone fountain on a patio.

Downtown is so nice this time of year.

Savor moderate winter days at Pez Cantina, an inspired new spot for seafood cocktails, tequila cocktails and lamb chorizo fundido not-cocktails, opening Monday in Downtown.

That’s pez like “fish.” Not like “candy you eat out of heads.” And more like “your tastefully maritime Bunker Hill spot for polished, post-MOCA Mexican from Patina vet/Milk cofounder Bret Thompson.” If you want to get all literal. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

Inside, you’ll want the raised, mirrored-tile nook on the right. There you’ll have perspective on the onyx tables, open kitchen and private room’s Guadalajara-made fish chandelier. You never miss fish chandeliers.

Inside would be perfect for lamb chorizo queso fundido, sweetbread tacos and a couple of their palomas, which are served with chilies smoked tableside. If there weren’t a patio.

But there is. One hell of one. Lined with bricks and vines, and centered on a huge stone fountain. So you’ll more likely be there.

But nobody’s calling you predictable.

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