Things to do for December 18, 2014

The Weekender

Tamales, Sweaters and Shopping While Drinking

What we have here is a failure to weekend.

Ministry of Supply Comes to Town

Ministry of Supply Comes to Town

Unbranded is going out with a bang. Because the Deep Ellum pop-up is closing things out with Ministry of Supply, those arbiters of dapper-yet-functional garments, plus Wrong Side (pocket squares) and Vincent Love (shirts). Don’t miss out lest you’re forced to spend the holidays unclothed and chilly.

Tamales Here

Tamales Here

For some, it’s just not the holidays without tamales. For others, it’s just that tamales are delicious all the time. For both, there are these pork and chicken tamales from El Ranchito, available by the dozen and available for pick up starting today. Single file, please.

Available now, $15/dozen, El Ranchito, 610 W Jefferson Blvd, 214-946-4238

Shopping and Drinking at Dada

Shopping and Drinking at Dada

Hypothetically, let’s say you saved all your Christmas shopping until the last minute. And also, let’s say you like beer. In that case, you should really swing by Dada for their Slacker’s Bazaar, with vendors hawking giftable T-shirts, hoodies and jewelry. Shopping is better with a full bar.

Dec 18-19, 6-11pm, Club Dada, 2720 Elm St, 214-748-5105

That Time You Celebrated Festivus

That Time You Celebrated Festivus

Tomorrow, there will be a Festivus-themed holiday gathering at Klyde Warren Park. And with it, you can expect the airing of grievances, feats of strength, Festivus miracles and probably a few confused looks from passersby.

The Nutcracker, but Burlesque

<em>The Nutcracker</em>, but Burlesque

Seeing The Nutcracker is a great holiday tradition. The ballet, those militant mice, the shortage of clothes and surplus of tassels... Oh wait, you must be seeing A Nearly Naked Nutcracker, which is the much more burlesque-y version of the original. Right. Don’t bring your mom.

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