Things to do for December 18, 2014

The Weekender

See-Through Things, Masks and Veal

That’s what the weekend is all about, Charlie Brown.

A Lot Off for a Lot Off

A Lot Off for a Lot Off

Kiki de Montparnasse has really got a way with almost not dressing attractive people at all. And just in time for bonus-gifting season (read: the ones that are really for you), they’re basically saying, “Here, have all of our very sexy things.” It’s a great thing to say.

A Masked Holiday Shindig

A Masked Holiday Shindig

We’re going to tell you about this black-tie masquerade ball where you start out with impeccable cocktails at Raines Law Room and then make your way through the Peacock and finish up with a couple casual nightcaps at the Shakespeare. We’ll start telling you about it ri—oh.

Charlie Brown with a Live Band

Charlie Brown with a Live Band

You wouldn’t get a ton of argument saying the Charlie Brown Christmas soundtrack is one of the best of all time. That’s probably why the Met is showing the film on the big screen with a live jazz trio playing it. Just a guess.

Eyes Out, Sweaters Ugly

Eyes Out, Sweaters Ugly

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out
Meatloaf, Smeatloaf, Double-Beatloaf
Ah Fudge

... Those are the names of three of the eight courses you’re having at Louro’s Ugly Sweater Dinner. Guess which movie serves as the theme?

What Else Is New
Eli Zabar’s Doing Dinner Again

Eli Zabar’s Doing Dinner Again

Somebody’s stealing from Eli’s Manhattan. Fortunately, it is, in fact, Eli Zabar himself, who’s grabbing up the goodness from his own market and sparing you the trouble of preparing your own braised-veal ravioli with wine pairings. That’s what you were going to make, right?

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