The Bank

Making a Withdrawal

Wingtip’s Striking Den of 1,500 Liquors

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Finally, a place at Wingtip where you can find about 1,500 kinds of liquor.

It’s called The Bank, and it’s open now.

Looks like an old-fashioned library in here—tall wooden shelves, marble walls and a library ladder to reach the stuff at the top (here’s the slideshow). Except, in place of books: hundreds of bottles filled with things like 43-year Glenrothes scotch, Highland Park 30-year whiskey and Willett bourbon and rye. If you’re into champagne, they’ve got plenty of that, too.

There’s also reliably handsome drinking vessels and barware.

Thought you might know somebody who’d be into that kind of stuff.


The Bank
at Wingtip
550 Montgomery St
(at Clay)
San Francisco, CA, 94111


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