Aimé High

Warm Stuff. Mostly Wool. Looks Nice.

None Time to talk about sheep.

Because here comes Aimé Le...

Wool. Wool would’ve been better than sheep right there.


Because here comes Aimé Leon Dore, an NYC-based outfitter that just launched their third collection full of cozy and frequently woolen outer things. Oh, and they have a webshop now for the first time ever, so that part’s important.

The whole collection is limited to four colors: navy, heather gray, camel or cream. With the exception of that red flannel, of course. Can’t not have a red flannel.

Otherwise, as promised, you’ve got a lot of things happening with Italian wool.

There’s a coat with gold buttons and a thermal lining that you could wear holiday shopping. A scarf that you could definitely wear with that coat. And, let’s see, a wool baseball cap with an “A” on it that you could wear on your head and walk around in.

We’ll assume the “A” stands for effort.

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